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Meaghan Hargrave enjoys game that uses touch and hearing senses

Screen-shot-2012-03-30-at-11.08In many sports, spectators cheer loud when a team scores a goal.

However, this is not the case in the game of goalball where spectators are asked to be quiet, so the players can hear the ball.

Fanfare continues to grow as UEFA Euro 2012 draws near

soccerballIt's a sport watched and played by millions of people in countries from all around the world.

The joyous din of fans fills hundreds of stadiums across the globe. It's the most popular sport in the world.

High school students balance textbooks with slapshots

younghockeyplayer-courtesytompickeringBishop Carroll will become the fourth high school in Calgary to offer the Hockey Canada Skills Academy, or HCSA, beginning this fall.

The program allows students to gain credits and refine their talents while getting a chance to use coveted ice time during off-peak hours in the day.

Team is back in the dance after one-year hiatus

Magnus9After last season's 45-point, last–in-the-league finish, the Calgary Hitmen have secured the third seed in the Western Hockey League's Eastern Conference playoffs with 91 points and more than doubled what they finished with last season.