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CBC cites lack of sponsorship behind decision

thumb Harnarayan-SinghHarnarayan Singh was living the life he always wanted.

A mortgage broker by day, Singh sat perched high above NHL rinks, calling CBC's Hockey Night in Canada in Punjabi at night.

NCAA rulings force local players to delay hoop dreams

thumb Picture-010Making the jump into the NCAA from high school is difficult enough without having to cross the border that divides Canada from the United States.

International student athletes look for team support when adjusting to life in Calgary

thumb teamhug2On the court, they look and play like any other players on the team — fast, skillful, prepared.

 Off the court, however, they are dealing with many different issues than their Canadian teammates, adjusting to a new life as a university student athlete in a foreign country.

Ex NHLer's take to the ice to teach their little girls a thing or two about hockey

thumb Ponytails1Blame it on genetics. Or maybe it's being Canadian.

 In either case, little ladies are picking up hockey sticks and seeking daddy's advice on how to perfect one's slap shot.