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Follow her progress through the sport

She's cothumb Bird-posempeted in well over 100 grappling matches — holding a record of 107 wins and 8 losses in the women's division, with eight world championship gold medals to her name.

Thumbnail Henn AngryAntholtHead injuries in hockey have been a hot topic as of late. The game that Canada loves has continued to produce the bone-crunching hits and fights that lead to concussions.

While the game hasn't made significant changes to protect players, there are some who are changing their attitude towards the game of hockey.

Fan wonders what future will hold for those just getting into game

HNIC punjabi1webIn 2008, CBC started a program specifically for this East Indian called Hockey Night in Canada's Punjabi-language broadcast.

On Oct. 19 the channel was supposed to air its third season of the show on regular Saturday nights, but it was cancelled.

Athletes chosen for top teams

bobsledthumbSome people love it and some people hate it, according to 33-year-old Cliff Iwaasa.

 Iwaasa is a Calgary bobsledder who loves the rush of the sport. But rifling down an ice trench in an aerodynamic capsule isn't for everyone.