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Treaty 7

According to famed Indigenous architect Douglas Cardinal, western architectural design has traditionally been patriarchal. However, at the Indigenous Design Thinking symposium held at the University of Calgary, he and others discussed incorporating an Indigenous matriarchal view, challenging old ways of thinking.

After five years as a policy analyst for the government in the Northwest Territories, Frances Widdowson moved into academia, eager to share her research on Indigenous policy.

But she quickly realized her views were seen as controversial and the world of academia was not as open as she had assumed. In some circles, her work has been called racist and hate speech, but she in unconcerned, vowing to continue despite her opponents.

 Many people will say that there's nothing as scary in film photography as shooting street photography. It's adventurous, difficult and unpredictable. What was once the most accredited form of photography has been quietly pushed aside by today’s high-tech digital sensors — but not for photographer Soloman Chiniquay.

They marched in almost silence, signs speaking for them instead. They read, No More Stolen Sisters, We Demand an Inquiry Now, Canada Stop the Epidemic! and You are not forgotten.