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From drumsticks to clippers, former Road Hammers musician does it all


Men in Calgary are starting to look a bit more polished. The streets are filled with fantastic fades and breath-taking beards. From greasers to hipsters to punks, Juno-winning rock n' roll barber Corbett Frasz is the man to see if you want a killer cut.

Having a sense of humour isn't all that it's cracked up to be

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Almost everyone claims that a sense of humour is the most desirable trait in his or her romantic companion, but Emily Seymour, a female comedian claims this is not the case.

Elite Calgarian bodybuilder on building mental strength through sport

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While in her 20s, Lynne Loiselle modeled in advertisements, catalogues and fashion shows. When she began losing jobs because of her extremely thin appearance, she started lifting weights in an attempt to add curves to her naturally slender frame. She ended up loving it so much that she stopped modeling and began bodybuilding competitively.

By focusing the lens on people he meets on the street, Jeremy Fokkens makes personal connections in order to get authentic snapshots that tell a story

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Jeremy Fokkens met Rubina on one of his evening treks through Dhaka, Bangladesh. She approached him and asked him for money three nights in a row. When he refused on the third night, Fokkens said the 11-year-old girl quit asking for money, but returned his greeting whenever he walked by.