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Producer Calvin Maltin, industry professionals talk finding fame in film

Produced by Arielle Berze and Guillermo Barraza

Calgarians run on a nine-to-five work schedule. The colour and melody of arts and entertainment is mostly drowned out by the mechanical buzz of a labour system geared for efficiency.

Deep in the system, there are radicals who work to produce escapism through film.

Among them is 21-year-old Calgary independent filmmaker, Calvin Maltin.

Marly Rieger credits family's support to her success

Produced by Alyssa Quirico and Donella Swan

A Canadian figure skater has a 0.08 per cent chance of making it to the Olympics, according to statistics provided by Skate Canada.

Calgary teenager Marly Rieger, 14, hopes to become one of those Olympians.

"I just feel like I belong there," Marly said.

As of 2013, there are 2,441 competitive figure skaters registered with Skate Canada across the country.

Wintery conditions challenge elite rowers

After almost a year of training, 17-year-old Calgary rower Karen Lefsrud is often unable to train outdoors because of the long winter months in Calgary.

Research tips when picking a breed

For some, getting a dog is all about how cute it is, or how it looks.

But experts say getting a dog should come down to how it will fit into an owner's lifestyle. That's why the Calgary Humane Society stresses that families do their research.