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Walk-In Closet helps local women get back to work with style

Produced by: Asha Siad

The Calgary Walk-In Closet provides women who face financial barriers the chance to get back into the workplace with a new wardrobe. Through the help of volunteer image consultants, the women walk out with a big bag filled with new and gently used clothing donated by Calgarians.

Asha Siad of the Calgary Journal takes us on a tour of the Walk-In Closet.

Sign Theatre a 'natural way' of expression for deaf and hard of hearing participants

Produced by: Haleigh Packer and Pamela Di Pinto

It's a Friday night at Calgary's Deaf and Hard of Hearing Society. A characteristically quiet place, tonight the odd stomp, claps, and howl of laughter breaks the silence.

Sign Theatre, is breaking the silence in more ways than one, proving wrong misconceptions about what deaf and hard of hearing individuals are capable of doing.


After moving from Lima to Calgary, Marco Palomino Ortiz uses soccer as a way to experience his new city while connecting back to home

Produced by: Angela Wither

Everyone has a passion; whether art, sports, TV, or academics. For Marco Palomino Ortiz, soccer is more than just a simple hobby; it allows him the opportunity to integrate into Calgary communities, while making connections back home in Lima, Peru.


Bennie Panero, 102, has been volunteering for the past 10 years at Bethany Calgary

Produced by: Rachel Kane

With over 1,000 volunteer hours under her belt, Bennie Panero, 102, has proven her dedication to helping those in need while ranking as the oldest volunteer on record at the Bethany Care Society Calgary.