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Sheila Paré copes with the difficulties of moving her legs daily

Produced by Jenica Foster

Eleven years ago, Sheila Paré went into a coma.

She was in the coma for about six weeks. Upon waking up, she said she couldn't move at all.

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The cooking industry can be difficult but Liana Robberecht has pushed through to become a head chef

Produced by Shannon Galley

Chef Liana Robberecht is a busy woman. While she is the head chef at the Calgary Petroleum Club; she also sells her paintings and has her own girls accessory line. She has made a name for herself in the male-dominated culinary industry.

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Produced by Lisa Taylor

Performing as a form of therapy

Produced by: Conor Mahoney and Jenni O'Nyons

She is vain. She is vindictive. She is vogue; or so Visha Loo – a Calgary-based contortionist, artist, and fetish event planner – describes herself.

A familiar face in Calgary's alternative scene, Visha Loo is a stage character created by Janice Adshade, who sews all her own lace and latex costumes, sports outlandish makeup and is the creative director behind her shocking – and usually adult-only – performances in Calgary for the past six years.

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