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Lusine Harutyunyan says stories only report on Caucasian demographic

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It's not often that we think about the media that we ingest.

After all, it's everywhere – from newspapers to our cell phones to television to Twitter – and most of us live lives that are too busy to allow for an abundance of critical thinking.


Nino Acosta, has traveled over the world filming the style called Bachata to turn it into a film.

Produced by: Olivia Guy-Mccarvll

In September 2012 the film "The Bachata Chronicles" will be released. Nino Acosta — native to the Dominican Republic— and the film's creator, talks about the various topics that will be explored in this film: "I'm talking about the dancers, history itself, the history of dance, the history of several people, who influenced the most in this dance and who created the movement."


Meghan Melnyk charged with bank robbery

Produced by: Taryn Hajnrych

Former president of the Students' Association of Mount Royal University, Meghan Melnyk, was apprehended on a bank robbery charge on Feb. 29. As of March 1, police said Melnyk was in custody.


Long-term volunteers keep Riverside Clothing store afloat

Produced by: J Chelsea Barclay

Fifteen years ago, Gary Scammell was one of 200 people laid off by Core Laboratories, a Calgary oil company. He was unable to pay his rent and at age 50, began to live at the Calgary Drop-In Centre.