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It was a sunny day when around 90 protesters from across Western Canada converged on the Jumbo Valley Hutterite farm just north of Fort McLeod. 

Since March 2018, the Calgary Zoo had the pleasure of housing four giant pandas, adding them to the list of animals in its breeding program. The Zoo's twin panda cubs were recently sent home to Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China the weekend of Jan. 11, but the memory of their time here remains.

When the United Conservative government tabled its first budget back in October, it warned the budget would require belt-tightening by many in the province.

Meghan Ward grew up in Ontario and had never considered the mountains her home. But, after a few seasons spent working and living in Banff National Park during university, she saw an opportunity to make Banff her home and write about the mountain culture she cares so deeply for.