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Alberta doctors are becoming increasingly concerned over cuts to health funding in the recent budget that are taking effect just as the COVID-19 pandemic is hitting the province. Some physicians are already taking steps to lay-off staff or reduce services.

Jennifer Stewart has lived with a developmental disability her whole life. She started walking later than most people and learned at a slower place. Eventually, Stewart was able to find an office job at an oil and gas company doing duties such as filing records and stocking kitchens. For 21 years, going to work raised Stewart’s self-esteem and gave her the chance to earn her own money. Her situation changed, however, when she was let go last February. Still unemployed, Stewart says searching for work in today’s job market is frustrating, especially when most places aren’t looking for people with disabilities.

The Bear Clan Patrol is trying to bring a new sense of safety to the streets of Calgary by cleaning the streets of drug paraphernalia and helping out the homeless. However, this work wouldn’t be possible without the patrol’s donors, supporters and volunteers.

Post-secondary institutions in Alberta will take a big hit next year, with the government planning to spend $114 million less than what was budgeted last fall. In total, $2.2 billion has been earmarked for Campus Alberta Grants to schools, but some of that grant money will now be tied to performance measures.