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Family that lost loved one due to unsafe left-hand turn want those responsible to pay more than $115

Bigler thumb copyOn Aug.18, 2011, Brett Bardenhagen, 26, was charged $115 for making an unsafe left-hand turn on a highway near Clearwater County, Alta.

This traffic violation resulted in the death of William Tomlinson, who was on his motorbike heading east at the time.

Project aims to fight hopelessness by shedding positive light on unsung heroes

Siad thumbWorld maps and mementos from countries she's visited in the past decorate the four walls of Kate McKenzie's classroom, giving it a global feel that is appropriate for a current events instructor.

The 27-year-old bubbly Red Deer native is cool and collected discussing the project that will see her travel to 10 countries in eight months, leaving everything behind.

Residents concerned about volume of cars

Majowski thumbThe southwest community of Signal Hill is experiencing some changes that could negatively impact traffic flow in the area.

The intersection of Sierra Morena Boulevard and Sierra Morena Road has gone from having a four-way stop to having two traffic circles, which are designed to handle 10,000 cars per day, but now average around 21,000 or more cars per day.

Shares violent reality of many African women and children at university conference

Hajnrych thumbA young girl set off to walk into town, along the main road, full of traffic, full of people. She was surrounded by three young boys.

They were former Mai Mai militia who had been demobilized, their guns taken away from them.