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Calgary entrepreneur dedicates himself to participating in green industry

Lamb thumbWhen considering the idea of an "environmentalist," it's not often that the first thing that comes to mind is a high-powered CEO sitting in his downtown office, sipping coffee and running meetings, but one Calgary businessman is challenging the stereotype.

Effort to research and write new book a long journey says editor

Taylor thumbShifting through a century worth of official documents, handwritten notes, scrapbooks and old photographs would be a daunting task on its own. Add to that a year and a half of compiling all the material, self-publishing a book based on it, and the end result is a labour of love.

Local social justice-focused theatre company hosts event to raise money for future projects and charity

Wilt thumbOn Saturday, Nov. 26, a local theatre company threw a party in attempt to confront gendered and racial discrimination.

Ellipsis Tree Collective, which is the only Afrocentric theatre company in Western Canada, hosted its third annual fundraiser at the Old Ant Hill building in Kensington.

Mount Royal students use fundraiser to help spread prostate cancer awareness

Hilts thumbJamie Parker lost his grandfather to prostate cancer, which led Parker to join the worldwide Movember fundraiser this month that aims to fight against the disease.

This of course meant growing a mustache for the whole month of November.