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Suspect located in Ontario

The Calgary Police Service has charged a man in connection to a shooting in northeast Calgary in August.

Twenty-six-year-old Abdiaziz Yousef Omar was arrested in Ontario on Oct. 4.

Wins election in second-round count, edging out Gary Mar

Alison Redford has won the Progressive Conservative Party (PC) of Alberta leadership race, making her the party's new leader and soon-to-be first female premier of Alberta.

The results of the election were welcomed with thunderous applause in the conference hall at the Edmonton Expo Centre. After brief speeches by former premier Ed Stelmach and other candidates Doug Horner and Gary Mar, Redford took to the stage to accept her new position.

Protesters carry the torch for international human rights abuse against former U.S. vice president

cheny 2Of all the slogans shouted at Tuesday's protest outside the Palliser Hotel, "Detain Dick" was easily the catchiest.

Other, wordier slogans like "Dick Cheney, war criminal" lost some of their intended punch from the low attendance.

10 cities in 10 days to provide basic needs and dignity

SHawkins GotGinch6 thumbUnderwear is something that the average Canadian takes for granted. But for the homeless, it could be considered a luxury.

Calgary entrepreneurs Brent King and Robb Price are driving across Canada with 35,000 pairs of new men’s underwear to donate to 10 shelters in 10 days.