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Online forums could create platform for harassment of girl gamers

Luong thumbIn most places of North America today, sexism isn't tolerated openly.

But since the Internet's explosion into the mainstream, the trend of online harassment towards females is becoming seemingly commonplace.

Students call shift a 'tragedy'

Newman thumbThe Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary has chosen to shift its master of education programs entirely online. This includes specific spirituality courses, which has subsequently caused unrest amongst the student body.

Large residential projects on the rise in Calgary

Waldner thumbGlobal economic crisis. Recession. Worldwide financial collapse. With these terms being tossed around by the media so frequently, it seems that the financial world is struggling to survive, and that an individual making any sort of investment is asking to go bankrupt.

Community association working closely with residents and city to find a solution

Bigler thumbAs car horns honk, the high beams of headlights and drivers mouthing vulgar language can be seen and heard as passengers try to leave or enter the neighborhood of Auburn Bay.

It is 3:16 p.m. and residents along Seton Boulevard have been stuck in traffic for 15 minutes due to the construction around the new hospital.