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Community association fee waived to increase membership

Hayhurst thumbThe Federation of Calgary Communities says that successful, healthy communities are generally those with active and sustained membership and involvement of community residents.

However, members of the Evergreen Community Association have identified community engagement as a challenge, yet one that they are planning to address head-on.

'Library of the future' opens after several delays

Visser thumbThe University of Calgary took another step into the future Oct. 20 with the opening of the new Taylor Family Digital Library.

Though faced with several mechanical and engineering issues that delayed the grand opening for several months, the newest addition to the U of C's campus is now open to students and the public.

More environmentally friendly transit system could cost up to $4 million

Berze thumbAs diesel fuel prices increase, Calgary alderman Andre Chabot hopes to convert Calgary Transit's bus fleet from diesel to compressed natural gas engines.

'Not in my backyard' declares one resident

Picketts thumbIn a resounding bid for the status quo, residents voted 157-10 against the subdivision of lots in Rosedale.