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As the sun set over Connaught Park on a warm fall evening, hundreds of men and women gathered as part of Calgary's 28th annual "Take back the Night" rally. The event took place Sept. 23 in southwest Calgary.

They gathered to raise awareness about violence against women. The event started with lighting candles. This was followed by speeches and songs from women in the community.

Funding, lack of volunteers cited

The familiar red and white sign depicting a small boy holding a woman’s hand is disappearing from the windows of Calgary Block Parent homes.

PSA testing to be added to Guinness Book of World Records

Frantically trying to accommodate the hundreds of men waiting in line for a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test, yellow-shirted volunteers at the Prostate Cancer Centre tried their best to get everything organized.  

Mar out front in Tory leadership race

Alberta’s 14th premier will be elected on Oct. 1.  Three contenders for the top job remain:  Doug Horner, Gary Mar, and Alison Redford.

Close to 60,000 Albertans cast their votes in the first round election. To win, the candidate needed to claim 50 per cent plus 1 vote. Mar finished the night with 41 per cent, followed by Redford with 19 per cent, and Horner with 15 per cent.