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A long, contemplated issue among conservationists is how to balance the interests of people with the interests of the environment. Banff National Park is one area that sees a high volume of tourists, and the ecological effects of this are hard to miss. The disappearance of Woodland Caribou from the park is just one example of how tourism has negatively impacted Banff’s ecological integrity.

Despite its ever-growing safety and availability, tap water is being shrugged off for bottled water. Yet, what is in the bottles themselves, remains uncertain. Even though Canada has access to clean, safe and healthy tap water, and testing has shown it’s a safe option, for many people bottled water has become a significant part of their daily lives.

An annual event aimed at encouraging citizens to think more critically about how to use and design public spaces is set to take place this fall. The City of Calgary and the Alberta Association of Landscape Architects are accepting applications for the fourth annual PARK(ing) Day on September 20.

While Canadians could see a ban on single-use plastics by 2021, one Calgary city councillor says the solution to the problem should start with consumers and retailers before the government is forced to step in.

In May 2019, Calgary city councillors voted 6-1 during a utilities committee meeting in favour of developing a strategy to reduce single-use plastics. However, Coun. Jeromy Farkas voted against the plan and said he would rather see innovation than “heavy-handed government approaches.”