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As a society, we often hear a lot about problems but what about solutions? From the constant content creation due to the digital age and the 24-hour news cycle, solutions are often overlooked.


From sexual assault in the cosplay community and the decline of youth participation in sports to the Canadian sex worker industry, the Journal continues with its previous podcast to investigate a new set of issues and find new solutions from experts and those impacted.

The Solutions Podcast — Episode 6, The decline of youth participation in sports

Calgary Journal reporters Alli Mack and Zachary Worden take a look into the decline of participation in youth sports. They are joined by Karri Dawson, the Executive Director of the True Sport Foundation and Kevin Webster, the Executive Director of KidSport Calgary to get some expert opinions.

 The Solutions Podcast — Episode 7, Sexual assault in the cosplay community

Calgary Journal reporters Dean Cordero, Tristan Oram and Sam Lefleur investigate the issue of sexual assault within the cosplay community both within Calgary and across the world. They talk to Calgary cosplayer Natalie Emmanuel and Joe McGuire from Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse to get an insider take on the issue.

 The Solutions Podcast — Episode 8, Nipple and areola reconstruction surgery and tattooing

Calgary Journal reporters Anosha Khan and Chloë Chapdelaine look into nipple and areola reconstruction and tattooing after breast cancer surgery. They are joined by breast cancer survivor Ann who has gotten the tattooing done and paramedical tattoo artist, Jody Stoski to get their side of the story.


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There is no shortage of news about problems — social problems, political problems, climate problems. But what about the solutions?

We believe the solution side of the equation is just as important as the problem. In the Journal’s new podcast, we take a vexxing problem each episode and talk to experts who are solving that problem.

Calgary Canvas is an ongoing series that illustrates two views on important issues in the city.

 The first day of college or university can be nerve-racking for a lot of students. Adjusting to new surroundings and trying to navigate your way through crowded halls are just some of the pitfalls at a city campus.