Between her social media business, gallery internship and participation in an internationally acclaimed art collective, Kenzie Housego doesn’t have much free time. What time she does have, Housego spends on her personal art practice, where she uses an array of unique and unexpected materials for these unconventional pieces. In a small studio in the basement of the Ruberto Ostberg Gallery in northwest Calgary, Housego works away at a desk lit up with jewels, fabrics, spoons and teacups.

Photos by Nina Grossman

Published on December 3, 2015


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After collaborating with Phi Illuminated Designs to create wearable tech with her art collective, Housego is preparing for her first solo show at the Ruberto Ostberg Gallery in May 2016. “I’m really excited to do this show,” she says, “and I’m really nervous about it because it’s all on me, compared to all the collaborative work I have done in the past.”

Photos by Nina Grossman