The Calgary Journal is looking back on the dreadful 2013 Calgary flood that severely damaged parts of downtown and over 1,200 homes by putting together a photo gallery that consists of images from this terrible disaster, as well as photos taken in flood-affected areas in Calgary one year later. The photos of Calgary one year after the flood is a testament to the amazing efforts by Calgary first responders, civil servants and the citizenry in general to rebuild this city. 

The Calgary flood, one of the worst natural disasters in Canadian history, began on June 20, 2013.

Photos from Quinton Amundson, Zoe Choy, Paulina Liwski, The City of Calgary/Flickr,, Google Images Creative Commons and Jesse Yardley.

Published June 20, 2014


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This photo of the Calgary Stampede grounds truly shows the carnage of the 2013 June flood in Calgary that began on June 20, 2013. 

Photo courtesy of The City of Calgary/Flickr