Calgary Journal photographers were asked to tell us who was the photographer that influenced them the most. Shown here are some of their attempts that reflect this style influence.

Photos by Andi Endruhn, Austin Coll, Chelsey Mutter, Huyana Cyprien, Olivia Baychu, Peter Brand, Rayane Sabbagh, Thomas Bogda, Brandon Hilchey, Emma Stevens, Leonie Fairhurst, Lexi Freehill, Grace Heavy Runner, Nathan Kunz, Robyn Welsh and Shaunda Lamont

Published on April 5, 2016

The editor responsible for this gallery is Cheryl Russell, 


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What has always impressed me about Margaret Bourke-White’s early architectural photography was its simplicity and off-kilter kitsch. I tried to emulate the feeling of the era she photographed in both of my photos. I wanted to create the Art Deco and odd angled photos of the buildings in New York. In photographing the buildings throughout downtown Calgary, I tried to recreate the same feelings by playing with light and angles that, while cliché now, weren’t for her.

Photo by Andi Endruhn