While we don’t have any Notre Dames, Westminster Abbeys, or St. Peter’s Basilicas, Calgary has 59 religious sites — including cemeteries — which make the list of historically significant resources.

Photographed by Devon Jolie

Published on Oct. 8


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Left: The Sharon Evangelical Lutheran Church in Crescent Heights towers from its lot, surrounded by single-family homes. The church, though also unprotected, is historically significant for several reasons. It was the first church owned by the Danish Evangelical Lutheran congregation, though they had been organized for nearly 20 years before the church’s completion in 1931. The white-stuccoed structure also blends Scandinavian, art deco and gothic revival architecture. The Scandinavian influence can be seen in the mirrored step design over the entrance and on the tower. The pointed-arched windows are gothic while the hard lines and geometric shapes throw back to the art deco era in which the church was built. Right: St. Mary’s Cathedral is one of the newest churches on the Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources, built in 1956. The cathedral at 219 18th Ave. S.W. in Mission exhibits the gothic revival style common of many older churches in Calgary. The main feature is the soaring 125-foot bell tower and its four bells cast in France in 1903. Just as impressive is the 16-foot Madonna which greets patrons as they enter the bronze doors. The structure stands in place of the previous St. Mary’s Cathedral which was built in 1889. St. Mary’s has no government protection.