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  • CBC Calgary and Sled Island present the 4th annual Sled Island pre-party at Lukes Drug Mart

Hundreds take to the street for a free concert in anticipation of Sled Island

First Avenue N.E. in front of Lukes Drug Mart was crowded with music lovers June 12 for the 4th annual Sled Island Pre-Party, hosted by CBC Calgary.

Hundreds of people attended the free event that spilled on to First Avenue N.E. that featured live music, a beer garden, food trucks and other entertainment including a handful of arcade machines that were popular throughout the afternoon.

The event offered a taste of what the 2016 Sled Island festival has to offer, showcasing the music of local artists We Knew, and Chad VanGaalen, along with Vancouver’s Sled Island alumni We Are The City and Toronto’s Hooded Fang.

With the sunny summer air awash with the sounds of independent Canadian music, it was an excellent way to get everyone excited for this year’s Sled Island festival, which runs from June 22-26.

All Photos by Jodi Brak



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It seems that even in 2016 arcade machines haven’t quite gone out of style, with a whole row of them being set outside Lukes Drug Mart for those who felt like taking a break in the shade for some friendly video-game competition June 12. Photo by Jodi Brak