It's undeniable that Calgary played an important role in the First World War of 1914-1918. Other than thousands of young people volunteering for different regiments, the city rallied around the cause by raising three militia units that saw action on the frontlines in France and Belgium. Two — the Kings Own Calgary Regiment (50th Canadian Infantry Battalion) and the Calgary Highlanders (10th Canadian Infantry Battalion) —still have a presence in the city. Calgary's war training base, Sarcee Camp, was the biggest training ground west of Manitoba. It welcomed roughly 45,000 soldiers from across the young province of Alberta.

The soldiers and battalions that represented Calgary fought with heroism and bravery, with scores of young men making the ultimate sacrifice. By the end of the war Calgary had many heroes. The city has made sure that they are not forgotten.

Plenty of war monuments have been established throughout Calgary to honour individuals and remarkable groups of people. These monuments range from the simple to the extravagant, but all of them represent the gratitude the people on the homefront had for their wartime heroes.

Photos by Paulina Liwski, Quinton Amundson, Jesse Yardley and Max Foley. 


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The Calgary Soldier's Memorial, located on Memorial Drive, is made up of stone tablets that bear the names of local soldiers who gave their lives and fulfilled military service in the First World War and other wars. The memorial focuses on all of the Calgary regiments, including the 10th and 50th Battalions that participated in the Great War.

Photo by Paulina Liwski