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  • Up up and away: Beakerhead hot air balloon event a success despite pesky winds

Slater Park welcomed a Beakerhead massive hot air balloon on September 13th.

When the blowing wind put everybody’s enthusiasm on hold, Gary Fehr and his team didn’t hesitate and tried to send the hot air balloon off for more than two hours. The crowd — still clinging to a balloon ride — never left the park. But a good thing is worth waiting for. Fehr and his crew went on a fourth attempt — nothing was stopping them this time. Once the wind stopped blowing, the balloon started to take shape and the crowd was in awe with the enormous structure lifting the hot air balloon basket.

Two hours later,Calgarians were flying their kites in the sunshine, among others enjoying free balloon rides.

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Slater Park is the site of the Beakerhead hot air balloon event on Friday Sept. 13th