The chilly winter winds blowing through the city did nothing to dissuade Calgary from packing the Jubilee Auditorium on Thursday for Muhammad: The Astonishing Story. The event was comprised of spoken word excerpts from Umair Khan – the Imam of Baitunnur Mosque – and accompanying visual components displayed on a large projector.

Produced by Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at (AMJ), the large service is seen as a catalyst of dispelling negativity for the cities Muslim community, while providing members of neighbor faiths a learning opportunity on which to build their own perceptions. Among the crowd were faces and races from all walks of the world, further strengthening the idea of Calgary as a central hub of diversity.


Photos by Brandon McNeil and Ryan Rumbolt


Published on October 3, 2014


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The Jubilee Auditorium was a full house for Muhammad: The Astonishing Story of the Prophet.