Calgary currently should be experiencing the joys of summer, but the city was hit with an unexpected blast of winter that sparked massive citywide power outages, school closures, downed power lines, slushy roads and laid carnage to trees.

Over 30,000 people were affected by city-wide power outages in all four quadrants of the city. As of this time, there are over 70 communities that are currently affected in Calgary.

The events also forced the cancellation of the opening ceremonies of the Spruce Meadows Masters competition that was slayed to occur this week. As well, it pushed the annual Beakerhead festivities indoor due to safety concerns outside.

Throughout most of the day, majority of the schools in Calgary Separate and Public systems have remained open except for a few that were closed due to power outages.

During the course of the day, the City of Calgary and Enmax have been providing information to Calgarians on the developing situation.

According to the City of Calgary Twitter page Mayor Naheed Nenshi stated that the city has three major priorities right now.

"We have three priorities right now, public safety, working with Enmax to restore power and cleaning debris," says Nenshi.

Nenshi also urged drivers to spread out their afternoon commute, which would help make a major impact on the roads as well as the communities that are affected, 



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The snow storm knocked laid carnage to trees all over the Mount Royal University campus. Here is a big tree that was taken down just east of the MRU recreation centre.

Photo by Quinton Amundson