In its 46th year, Esso Minor Hockey Week is the largest minor hockey tournament in the world, with some going so far as to call it the “Stanley Cup of Tournaments.” The Calgary Journal decided to crunch the numbers to help put in perspective just how big it is.

Photos by Melanie Walsh

Published on January 17, 2016


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The Burke family has come to the right place as there will be approximately 1500 hours of ice time during the week. Heather Burke is the team manager. After living in Texas, the family including son Jake, 15, is happy to be back on Canadian ice. “In Houston, hockey is sort of a fringe sport so my son grew up playing there and when we came back to Canada, these kids had been playing for years and years and knew each other really well and we were the newcomers,” said Burke, adding that hockey has been “a great way to get to know parents and understand how hockey is done in Calgary. It was a great way to get involved. My husband is actually the goalie coach.” Photo by Melanie Walsh