What is it that makes getting up for work each day worthwhile for these 20-somethings?

By Rachel Kane, Lauren Gilbart and Angela Wither

Published on Nov. 2



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Left: After starting as a chef at age 17, Alex Edmonson now spends his time enhancing his skills at Market on 17th Avenue. Photo by Angela Wither.

Job: Chef de partie (station chef)
Name: Alex Edmonson
Age: 21
"It's just the fact that people are coming to eat your food. It's not just a craft, it's art, too. There's a lot of pressure; it's like an adrenaline rush. It's super intense. It's so much stress and pressure; you're like high everyday. It's very addictive."

— Angela Wither

Right: For Cody Sparshu acting is more than just a job. It's what makes him feel alive, he says. Photo courtesy of Cody Sparshu.

Job: Actor/producer
Name: Cody Sparshu
Age: 28
"Acting is my passion. I love being able to tell a story, to create a character in their world... to experience and be a part of something so much bigger than myself. Acting makes me feel alive. I remember a moment in Double Booked where I felt so in the moment, so true to what was going on. I could feel it in every part of me — that raw legit emotion that we so often try to fight, or society says we have to hide. It's one industry where we're allowed to feel what we feel."

— Rachel Kane