On Oct. 5, salsa world champions David Zepeda and Paulina Posadas made a stop in Calgary to host several salsa tutorials and a social dance at the Ballroom and Country Dance Studio. The three workshops included sexy modern bachata, stylized partner work, and women and men's styling. Each of the workshops attracted more than 30 Calgarians. Individuals of all ages participated with various levels of dance experience.

Photos by Larissa Pinhal

Published on Oct. 28


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Left: “What makes salsa more attractive to me is the connection with the partner,” Posadas says. “The guy is leading and the girl has to follow. It’s not one person; You have to be connected with somebody else. The stylized partner workshop focused greatly on the importance of the connection between dance partners. Right: Both dancers were raised in Mexico, where Zepeda says he grew up learning different styles of dance such as jazz and hip hop before breaking into salsa. “I knew it was my thing,” Zepeda says.