YYC comes together again in support of local art

WRECK CITY returns to Calgary with DEMO TAPE art installation as part of Sled Island Music & Arts Festival running from June 19 to June 28 at the old Penguin Car Wash down 9th Avenue in Calgary that is scheduled for demolition.

This crowd-funded collective of approximately 50 artists, performers and musicians, according to the WRECK CITY website, is to be viewed not only as literal objects, but with an abstract interpretation also, and encourages participation from the onlookers in order to "escape to the sublime."

"DEMO TAPE has evolved into a broader exploration of sound + image, action + object, invisible + visible, transient + solid, searching for the interspaces between mediums."

"WRECK CITY believes in art's radical potential to permeate familiar spaces, grow new communities, and continually create fresh understandings of our particular time and place."

Photos by Ali Hardstaff

Published on July 17, 2015.


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Wreck City presents DEMO TAPE from June 19 to June 28 at the old Penguin Car Wash in Calgary.