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Step by step: Jalapeño margarita

Looking online for a good margarita recipe can be overwhelming. But my friend Ethan Banks has perfected a  jalapeño margarita recipe that certifies him as a cocktail expert. Margaritas  can be too sweet for me, but I’m hoping Banks’ recipe can be the spicy margarita that satisfies my taste buds. Reposado tequila can dull the […]

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Canadian Mental Health Association launches learning platform for teens and young adults 

Many people, especially young people, struggle with their mental health. To help, the Canadian Mental Health Association, Calgary Region has launched a new online tool that offers free courses targeting teens and young adults aged 16-24. The association already offers programs in a number of areas, including peer support and self-care. But EQUIPPED, which launched […]

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As Alberta’s economy shifts towards cleaner energy, can oil and gas workers shift with it?

Nelson Gutierrez is one of thousands of Albertans working in the oil and gas industry. He brought his family to Calgary a decade ago after fleeing the deteriorating political climate in Venezuelan. Here, he began to work as an electrical engineer in the oil and gas industry. “I preferred a country where people from all […]

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Photos: Winter suits you, Alberta

With the current icy temperatures, many people would prefer to stay inside, bundled up and far away from chilling, gusting winds. But for those who do head outside, they’re sure to find a beautiful—albeit chilly—winter wonderland. Across southern Alberta, from late night city lights to snow-capped mountains, there’s something for everyone to take in. Here […]