Why this is the time to adopt a pet

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Fall is here, and that means one thing for the Calgary Humane Society: an overflow of cats and kittens.

Christy Thompson of the Calgary Humane Society said because cats have their kittens in the spring, now is the time they’re brought into the shelter and are old enough to be adopted.

Christy Thompson

Christy Thompson of the Calgary Humane Society cuddles one of the several new kittens in the shelter.

Photo: Lucia Trischuk/Calgary Journal“We’re just coming out of kitten season,” she said. “As soon as the moms have them, the kittens are fostered, then they come back and get ready for adoption.”

When new cats come in, new volunteers and foster parents are needed to care for them in the meantime.

A majority of cat owners adopt their pets from a rescue shelter, but when considering Calgary’s population, only 50,000 of the cats in the city are legally registered.

This is because when people take interest in adopting, they can only commit to owning one cat, leaving the others in the shelter unaccounted for.

“We do see a lot of siblings being adopted together, but usually when people come in, they’re only looking for one cat,” Thompson stated.

Tara Sheppard, 28, and Michelle Barker, 21, are exceptions: they both recently adopted two cats from the Humane Society.

“My husband and I adopted two cats,” said Sheppard. “We initially thought we only needed one, but after seeing how many cute faces there were at the shelter, I knew we were going to adopt another one.


Families of kittens stay with each other in certain rooms until they are adopted.

Photo: Lucia Trischuk/Calgary Journal“The Calgary Humane Society is such a great place, and they have so many kittens and cats that need a [home].”

Barker, another adoptee, also chose to adopt from the Society instead of going through a pet store.

“I would always go to the Humane Society to look at all the poor animals that were abandoned until one day I knew I should adopt,” she said.

“I never figured I would adopt two cats, until I met Mexx and Jeffrey: they are the loves of my life and I’m so glad I gave them another chance to live a happy life,” she added.

Right now, the Humane Society is holding around 350 felines, which take up two-thirds of the space available.

Due to the overwhelming number of abandoned cats and kittens coming in and the lack of space at the Humane Society, euthanasia is occasionally performed.

“It is strictly on a case-by-case basis,” said Thompson, explaining that it is entirely based on the health, behavior and potential life span of the cats or kittens that are in the Humane Society.

If you’re interested in adopting a cat or kitten that is in need of a home, contact the Calgary Humane Society’s adoption line at 403-205-4455 ext. 6503, by email at adopt@calgaryhumane.ca, or visit their adoption webpage.


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