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October 13 was a cool fall evening but that night boys and girls ages nine and 10 heated up McMahon Stadium. These football players got to experience the thrill of playing at the home of the Calgary Stampeders.

It may have been a chilly evening but it didn’t stop the two hundred parents, siblings and friends from showing up to help cheer on their very own football star.

“My son has been waiting for this for weeks,” said Mark Davies, father of 10-year-old Ethan Wouraell.


“The best part is seeing him under the stadium lights and on that big field itself,” Davis said.Two Timbit teams setting up to play ball.
Photo by: Kirsten Glowa

The Timbits Minor Sports Program is a community-oriented sponsorship program for children who want to participate in local house league sports teams. This specific event is dedicated to sportsmanship and not winning, according to the Tim Hortons website.

Four Calgary Stampeders also joined the four Timbit teams — the Mavericks, the Cowboys, the Hilltoppers and the Broncos. These teams held mini-games against each other, while having a specific Stampeder designated to coach their team.

When these professional athletes are out in the community they’re easily recognizable because of their size but out on the field with the youngsters it was almost laughable — a lot of the Timbits were only waist-height when standing next to the pros.

Defenceman Corey Mace says, ” It is such a good opportunity as a player of this organization to interact with the community. This event was so much fun and it’s a blast being able to see more Canadian kids interested in football.”

Mace, originally from British Columbia, is proud to see other kids following in his footsteps by playing football because he says there are so many opportunities that go along with the physical activity of sport.

Other Stampeders that joined Mace were Sam Scott, Marc Calixte and John Bender.

Wouraell said that if he had to describe the entire night in one word it was “awesome”.

“I couldn’t believe I was actually talking to real Stampeders,” he said.

The evening concluded for all the youngsters by getting team pictures in the Stampeders team dressing room.


Coach Larry Arnfinson of the Mavericks Timbits team said he appreciated this final gesture.Mavericks celebrate in the Stamps dressing room.
Photo by: Kirsten Glowa

“For the Stamps organization to take such time out and plan such a wonderful evening for these kids is inspiring. For the Stamps players who were here they brought such motivation and encouragement to the kids — I appreciate it and I’m sure all the other coaches do as well,” said Arnfinson.

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