Horror Rockers unite for the Zombie Apocalypse Tour


Blood, sweat and tears … OK, tears not so much. But showgoers can expect plenty of apocalyptic zombie vengeance on Thursday, Oct. 27 when Kill Matilda takes the stage at the Vicious Circle.

Kill Matilda is unique to the hard/horror rock scene with a background story that shapes their music. Out of the rubble of a fallen society, Kill Matilda is out for revenge following the vicious zombie attack on band member, Marlene Lau. Through music, the group will protect civilians from zombie attacks across Canada.

“There is no safer place than a Kill Matilda show [during the apocalypse] and besides, there’s nothing better to do on a Thursday night than rocking out in a sweaty mosh pit,” says Dusty Exner, front woman of Kill Matilda.


Dusty Exner (left) and Marlene Lau of Kill Matilda. Photo: Provided by Jon Asher.Since 2008, Kill Matilda has been slaying the undead, starting in their hometown of Vancouver, B.C.

United against zombies, Mykel Exner, Marcus Luk, and founders Exner and Lau give concertgoers a rough and tumble show fused with pulse-pounding music drawn from influences ranging from the Misfits to 1950s rock ‘n’ roll.

“As female musicians, we were inspired to make a band that embodied what we didn’t see happening out there. Girls aren’t playing as hard as the guys,” says Exner. “We didn’t see ourselves as musicians represented in what the music scene has to offer and we thought why isn’t anybody making hard music? Women can make hard music, so let’s do it.”

Decked out in tattoos and piercings, Exner, gives the impression that she can roll with the punches and doesn’t take trash from anybody. Her appearance is true to her business style.


Kill Matilda will perform at the Vicious Circle on Thursday. Photo: Provided by Jon Asher.Kill Matilda has worked hard to get where they are today, only with the assistance of a publicist. From their music to their video rotations on MuchLoud, everything they do, they do themselves with the support of their fan base.

“We’re playing for keeps,” Exner says.

“We have a strong focus on putting on a super energetic, high-octane, adrenaline-fuelled performance,” says Exner. “We work to get the audience involved and do a lot of audience interaction, we love to keep in touch with our fans and we love to do interesting and unique things at our shows. The performance aspect and making the audience have fun is really important to us.”

With a well-rehearsed lineup of songs planned for the evening, showgoers can expect to hear plenty of crowd pleasers including “Geisha with a Switch Blade,” “The Apocalypse” and “I Want Revenge.”


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