Liquid Latin Show aims to broaden Calgary’s perception of the Latin community

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Do you want to experience Latin music and drink some premium tequila? The Liquid Latin Show and the Tequila & More Show, on Oct. 28 and 29 at the Metropolitan Centre, intends to broaden the perception of what Calgarians perceive what Latin culture is.

The show will feature not just the premium wine and liquor representatives, but will also feature distillers, winemakers, manufacturers, Latin dancers and a jazz artist.

Calgary is quickly becoming a melting pot in Canada for various cultures. Just last week, the federal government named Calgary the “Cultural Capital of Canada in 2012.”

Untitled-1Illustration: Andrew SzekeresHowever, one thing lacking is a bigger representation of the Latino community. A Stats Canada survey suggested that Calgary contains more than 200,000 people of Latin descent.

According to Calgarian resident Luis Castilla, “There’s not much in Calgary for Latinos other than the Salsa Festival and the odd tex-mex restaurant.”

Castilla, 27, is of Columbian heritage and has been unimpressed with the perception of the Latin community in Calgary.

“When people here think of Latino drinks, they think of margaritas and tequila, but those are just the stereotypical drinks,” he says.

However, the two shows aim to bring a more accurate view of the Latin region of wines.

According to wine expert Linda Garson, “I want people to leave the show with a greater appreciation of Latin wine and culture.”

Garson writes a column for on wines. She also created Vine and Dine, a club focused on food and wine pairings, which will be hosting a wine-tasting exhibit on South American wines at the event.


Wine Expert Linda Garson pours a glass of Pisco as she prepares for the Liquid Latin Show. Photo: Andrew Szekeres“They have their own unique grapes. Uruguay has the Tannat grape, which Calgary would love,” Garson says of one of the wines she will be exhibiting. “It makes a big-rich red wine, which would be perfect with beef,” she says.

This will mark the first time the event has come to Calgary, as the event ran in Toronto earlier this year. In that one day, the event saw nearly 2,000 people attend.

Some of the highlights the Calgary show will feature include tequila tasting with expert Eric Lorenz, Latin jazz with Celine La Coste, Latin Dance with La Rumba Dance School, and on Oct. 29 the wine tasting exhibit hosted by Garson. Food buffets will also be set up on both days.

Drinks will vary from premium wines of the South American region, premium tequila, mescal, rum, pisco, amongst other unique drinks from the region.

Garson says, “People who want to learn more about [the spirits] or South American wine, or if you want to have a good night with dancing and music, you will enjoy yourself.”

“I’m excited for the event,” Castilla said. “It’s about time that Calgarians see how much we [the Latin community] have to offer.”

The event runs from Oct. 28-29 from 4-10 p.m. at the Metropolitan Centre at 333, Fourth Ave. SW. Tickets and event schedule are available online at and range from $40 to $90.

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