ecolmenero singerSM Entertainment showcases their artists to arena packed with fans from all over North America

Madison Square Garden, New York, roared with screams of fans during SM Town Sunday, Oct 23, a show displaying Korea’s best artists under the SM Entertainment label. The audience came from as far as Ottawa, Montreal and Calgary, as well as California, Florida, and Mexico.

 “It pretty much exceeded [my expectations]” said Allison Adams, who took a bus for seven hours from Richmond, VA, to New York City to attend the concert. “I finally got to see them after a year and a half of looking at them on my computer.”

Adams is a fan of Super Junior, a boy group consisting of 12 members, and a crowd favourite, if the amount of sapphire blue light sticks were anything to go by. Sapphire blue is the designated colour of Super Junior’s fanclub, known as ELFs — short for Everlasting Friends. In Korea, most fan clubs have a different colour that identifies them, and any merchandise related to that artist tends to be of that colour.

Stacey Bechler and Dallas Seller flew from Dayton, OH, to attend SM Town.

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“I wasn’t going to come at first,” said Bechler. “I’ve been trying to get out of k-pop (Korean pop) and the [Super Junior] fandom for a while.Fans started lining up early to be as close to their idols as possiblePhoto by: Eva Colmenero

“But then I thought it’s probably going to be my only chance to see them live.”

Bechler assures that, thanks to the concert, she has fallen in love all over again with Super Junior.

Sellers was “crying on the inside” when another group, SHINEee, performed her favourite song “Lucifer,” and screamed loudly when the five member group floated over the audience during the extended bridge of the song. She said the concert definitely met her expectations of “having fun and seeing [her] favourite artists.”

Other artists under SM Entertainment such as TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, f(x), and others performed as well; making the packed arena jump, scream, and tear up for more than three hours as they sung their best-known singles.

SM Entertainment is one of the most successful entertainment companies in Korea, having some of the most popular actors and pop groups in the country. Their most well known acts like Girls’ Generation and Super Junior have more than 150,000 fans in Korea alone, and TVXQ, at its peak, reached more than 800,000 fans.

New York City was the last stop of the SM Town World Tour of 2010 and 2011 after making stops in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Paris.

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