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Full Circle Theatre will be debuting its first original play this week at Dancers’ Studio West. “What Pushes Are We Wenches Driven To?” will be a mixture of movement pieces, monologues, scenes and accompanying music. The show features the story of two girls, Sarah and Jess, who face trials in their youth that greatly affect their futures.

 The play is a significant moment in the theatre company’s history, says Erin Weir, co-founder of the almost two-year old company, along with Claire Bolton.

“I feel like every (theatre) company needs to create something of their own so they can say who they are and how they’re different from everyone else,” Weir says.


This is their defining play.

The company, used to performing Shakespeare, has developed their own play for their second season. The script was written collectively by all five cast members, adding and combining stories from their own lives, Bolton says.

Originally inspired by Weir and Bolton’s personal conversations about the pressures young women face, the pair came up with the concept in February of this year. The script then evolved into a collaborative creation when roles were cast in early October. The entire cast, which includes Weir and Bolton, has since been working on the script together to create a unified play, Weir says.

Anastasia St. Amand, who plays the character Jess in the show, says, “I thought the process was really quite interesting. It blew my mind, putting all the pieces together.”

“Everything just fell into place,” she adds.

The play follows Sarah and Jess’ story from early childhood, through college, then well into their 20s. The story focuses on the challenges young women encounter, including themes of love, growth, freedom and the cost of freedom, the cast says.

However, Weir, who plays Sarah in the show, says the story will also appeal to young men.

Derek Holden, who plays the characters Pete and Steve, says he can greatly identify with the story. “I can see a lot of my own experiences in (the story) too. With my characters and with the other characters as well.”

Bolton suggests that “there will be something that somebody in the audience can grasp on to.”

Although dealing with serious issues, the play also contains comedic moments. Weir promises the show will not be just your average drama/comedy love story.

“This isn’t a typical ‘let’s-sit-down-and-have-a-great discussion’ Oscar Wilde-piece. It will be raw, sexy, fun and heartbreaking all at once,” she says.

Bolton wants the audience to attend the show with as little knowledge about the play as possible so as to fully experience the twists and surprises.

And there will be many, Weir says.

“What Pushes Are We Wenches Driven To?” will open on Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 7:30 p.m. and will continue every night until Saturday, Nov. 12. The show will be held at Dancers’ Studio West at 2007 10th Ave. S.W. The show will contain mature content.

Visit www.fullcircletheatre.ca for more information.


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