Still-of-David-LiuDavid Liu is a 55-year-old Western influenced painter. With a classic touch he brings his subjects to life.

From paintings of Native Canadians, to landscapes, to paintings of chickens, you are immediately transported inside what is an extremely talented and beautiful mind.

 However, when you meet Liu you immediately notice something different from other Western Artists. Liu is a first generation Chinese Immigrant who speaks little English.

Living in Calgary with his wife, Liu spends most of his time either painting or teaching children how to paint.

His house is filled with his works, some of which are in progress. As he walks me through his house showing me portraits and landscapes I can’t help but feel inspired.

Liu says on average it takes him about a week from start to finish for each piece of art that hangs on his walls. First he takes a photograph of his subject, then he works carefully to replicate his subject.

When it comes to paintings of people he often changes the setting to suit the individual. Some of his work’s backgrounds have been changed several times, some he’s embarrassed to showoff as they aren’t quite perfect… yet.

Liu’s mind sees the world differently than other people. He sees the beauty that is so easy for most of us to miss. His goal is to transport us to a world that we’re not used to being in; one that is full of emotional connections to people and their surroundings.

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