CFL fans wish event was celebrated by more people

Like many pubs and bars across the country last Sunday afternoon, the Boston Pizza lounge on Southport Road in southwest Calgary aired the 99th Grey Cup game on bigscreen TVs.

 About 30 people in the lounge watched the B.C. Lions take on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers at BC Place.

Calgary father and son Del and Kole Moore enjoyed appetizers and beer as their favorite team, the Lions took an early lead.

“I grew up in B.C. and then had my son Kole there. We have been cheering for B.C. from the get go,” Del said as he finished a big bite of his meat lovers pizza and swished it down with cold beer.

Del explained that even though his son is now older and has his own family, they share the tradition of always enjoying the Grey Cup together.

Like his father, Kole said he has always had a connection to the game. Both played high school football, and both have always followed the CFL, adding he’s proud the Grey Cup tradition has continued, calling the 99th Grey Cup festivities a giant accomplishment.

But he said he wishes Canada would make more of a big deal about football.

Just as Kole began to talk about this, two hockey fans watching the Calgary Flames play on another bigscreen TV, cheered as Calgary scored a goal.

“In my opinion I find the hockey disappointing,” said Kole. “We should be supporting the Canadian Football League a lot more. This is the biggest game of the year for CFL fans.”

“If game seven of the Stanley Cup was on do you think they would have some TVs playing tennis simultaneously? I think not.”

Jessica Turner, a server in the lounge, commented that she thought it would be a lot more busy.

“Our manager didn’t book on as much staff as we would if Calgary was playing but we did think it would be busier. Maybe people don’t care because the Stampeders weren’t playing,” said Turner.

The half-time show aired and the Alberta-born band Nickelback took the stage. This had some people in the bar growling at the three-song set and others singing along while scarfing down hot wings.

During the half-time show, Del said that for B.C. to win they would have to stop taking stupid penalties and concentrate on the basics of the game — passing the ball effectively and running fast.

The final score resulted in a 34-23 win for the Lions, making them the first CFL team to win a championship after losing their first five regular season games.

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