Minerva characterized as a fusion of pop, folk and jazz


By day they take to their normal jobs, which may be working in an office building or giving singing lessons, but by night, they bring music to life with poetic lyricism and funky, upbeat harmonies.

The group, known as Minerva, consists of three members: vocalist, guitarist and pianist Leela Aheer, vocalist and pianist Lauren Ireland, and vocalist and violinist Jessica Schollaardt.

There are also many other guest musicians who perform with the band live and in the recording studio.

There is much debate within the band about what genre their sound is classified as.

“We’re sort of a pop-folk-jazz fusion,” said Aheer, one of the founding members of Minerva.


From left, Jessica Schollaardt, Leela Aheer and Lauren Ireland of Minerva. Photo courtesy of Minerva taken by Stephen BellartBoth Aheer and Ireland are music teachers. Each runs her own music school for people of all ages. And the release of their band’s debut album has drawn a lot of excitement from their students.

“I think they’re proud of me.” Ireland said. “They are all very supportive. We get the young students on Facebook, and they joined our fan-club. They think it’s really cool.”

The idea to start a band came up three years ago when Aheer called up Ireland.

“She said ‘OK, have you written any songs yet?’ And I said, ‘No.’ And she said, ‘Well, start writing music. We’re starting a band,’” said Ireland amidst laughing.

“She didn’t really give me a choice, but I’m happy it went down that way,” Ireland said.

The band’s Debut album, “Follow Me,” incorporates many different musical elements ranging from gospel to folk to pop.

There are even a few songs about the “Twilight” saga.

The album took about eight months to record and was released on Nov. 19 at a CD launch party at Auburn Saloon. The Station Recording Studio produced the album through several eight-hour sessions during the summer.

The band has a handful of upcoming shows, with more on the way.

The next show will be at the Core shopping mall in TD Square on Dec. 22 and 23.

For further information about Minerva, see its website at http://www.soundsofminerva.com


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