Three different cookie flavours to be found in Calgary grocery stores

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When Canadian company Raincoast Crisps approached us and asked us to try their new line of cookies, we had only two words: free cookies!?

Laura and I each tried their three flavours and we’ve got the scoop on whether they are worth your money.

Raincoast Cookies is a new line of all-natural, gourmet cookies. The cookies are made with natural ingredients including chicory root, flax seed and chia. Raincoast Cookies are available at Sunterra Market in Calgary, and will be coming soon to Safeway, Sobeys and Co-op.

Laura here!

What can be better than something that combines the words “healthy” and “cookie”? Well, this is exactly what Lesley Stowe’s new Raincoast Cookies try to do. An extension of her popular crackers, these new cookies are a chewy, filling snack that I would eat when I need a little something to help me power through an afternoon slump.


Raincoast cookies can be found in Sunterra and will soon be available to more locations like Safeway.
Photo provided by: Raincoast Crisps.
That being said, I do find these cookies to be heavy on the calorie scale. On average they are 300 calories per cookie, which seems a little much for the 75 g serving portion.

But since they are made of quality ingredients, I would definitely recommended eating one of these instead of more processed grocery store versions. One of my friends suggested that you could turn these cookies into a meal if you crumbled it on top of some spinach. It might not be that bad of an idea…

My favourite flavour of the three I got to taste was the dark chocolate, tart cherry and pecan, even though it did have the highest calorie count. All the cookies were moist and baked to perfection. I also really enjoyed the packaging of them because they were slim and easy to throw in my purse for an on-the-go nibble. I’m planning on having a couple of these cookies on hand for emergency purposes.

Silvia here!

It’s not often a store-bought cookie manages to be moist instead of dry and crumbly, but these cookies take the cake for just-out-of-the-oven softness.


My favourite was the apricot, ginger and slivered almond cookie. Chunks of candied ginger added a satisfying, sugary crunch. The cookies were more on the savoury side, but that’s to be expected of a cookie made with whole wheat, ground flax and Chia and that packs 5 g of protein and 6 g of fibre. Raincoast Crisps’ new line of cookies are moist and soft like a real cookie should be.
Photo provided by: Raincoast Crisps.

The dark chocolate, tart cherry and pecan cookie was my second favourite. Every bite was bursting with dark chocolate, which managed to satisfy my “cookie ratio,” that is a cookie must have one chunk of chocolate to match one piece of everything else, be it raisins or oats. No skimping on chocolate!

The dried cranberry and toasted hazelnut tasted fairly similar to the other cookies, and I wasn’t left particularly bedazzled. Hazelnut lovers may say otherwise.

Since I’m fairly active, I’m not too worried about the calories. I used to consume a 500 calorie vending machine cookie after swim practice, (you don’t want to know how I used to eat when I was outside the range of home-cooked meals) and it certainly wasn’t made with whole food ingredients.

I plan to have a few on hand for a quick energy boost before a workout, on days when I won’t be eating a full meal beforehand.


Both Laura and Silvia think they are delicious and impressively soft for a store-bought cookie.

Laura prefers these over your typical, processed grocery store cookies, but will limit them to a snack instead of dessert due to the high calorie content.

Silvia would buy the apricot, ginger and slivered almond cookie to keep in her backpack along with a few protein bars for pre-workout fuel.

The cookies will be priced $2.75 to $2.95 depending on the retailer.

Check back to The Calgary Journal blog for a guest post from Lesley Stowe, the creator of Raincoast Crisps, who will share a few smoothie recipes you can pair with those cookies!

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