Pranic Healing serves to enhance lives of those looking for a new form of therapy

thumb PHHave you ever walked into a tense situation and feel a sense of heaviness overcome you?

As the cliché goes, “you could cut the tension with a knife.”

In case you were wondering, Pranic Healers, such as Dr. Jyoti Dekate, would replace the word ‘tension’ with ‘energy’ that has been created by the tense situation. The heaviness is a byproduct of all the negativity associated with it.

With the increased consciousness for healthier habits and alternative medical practises such as yoga and acupuncture, it appears that more people are looking for new options to enhance their lives.

Pranic Healing is one form of alternative therapy that is accessible to individuals from all walks of life.

For anyone who may be curious as to what Pranic Healing is and how it works, Dr. Jyoti Dekate, who recently opened the Bodhi Well-Being and Healing Center, explains.


“It is an energy based healing practise. Pranic Healing is a completely no-touch or no-drug therapy which can easily be applied to various aspects of a person’s life.A Pranic Healing group gathers for their weekly meditation (from left to right: Elisabeth Silva, Jose Silva, Jasmit Sindhu, Sunil Dekate, Dr. Jyoti Dekate, Martina Garza, Claudia Torres)
Photo taken by: Sunjeev Prasad

“You can receive healing for your physical body but it can also serve to benefit your relationships, your finances, and even your addictions,” says Dekate.

Energy blockages that build up in your chakras, or energy centres throughout the body, manifest as physical ailments as Dekate describes it.

Virginia Olaciregui, a Pranic Healer who practises alongside Dekate, says, “You can simply observe the changes in a person’s body language. When their energy is depleted, they carry themselves in a weighed-down or guarded fashion. Commonly known as closed body language.

“Each chakra represents a different thought form. The Solar Plexus chakra, for example, is associated with depression when the energy in there appears to be depleted.”

Dekate shares a brief history of Pranic Healing: “Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui founded Pranic Healing over 20 years ago. Once a chemical engineer and successful businessman, learning about ancient practises such as tai chi fuelled his passion.

“After years of pursuing knowledge in energy-related practises, Choa Kok Sui eventually developed Pranic Healing.”

Minal Solanki, who suffers from an undisclosed long-term illness, encountered Pranic Healing over six months ago when she met Dekate.

“Fortunately for me, I managed to get in touch with Dr. Dekate. She explained to me what Pranic Healing is, at first I did not accept it because I was not aware of the how it would help,” says Solanki.

Solanki describes the healing during a therapy session as a vibration that radiates throughout her body. “It feels as if my inner cells are receiving the healing energy they need.”

Though Pranic Healing can serve to benefit an individual’s life, Dekate strongly urges that all patients should adhere to their traditional medical therapies.

Dekate says, “It is a complementary tool that is available and is to be used alongside orthodox medical treatments. Pranic Healing serves to increase the healing processes of your body.

“It is not just a form of energy healing but it can also help in your spiritual development.”

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