Hip-hop and funk dancers compete at One Touch 2012


Dancers walked through the doors of the University of Calgary’s Alberta Room on Sat. Feb. 18 with one purpose — to compete at the One Touch 2012 event.

The annual one-on-one dance competition presented by the Hip Hop and Funk Styles Club and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary and Area consisted of three categories: breaking, popping and locking.

The 32 break dancers, 10 poppers and four lockers had their opponent chosen by a draw — which resulted to some competing with their own friends.

The crowd clapped and cheered as they witnessed one-on-one battles that lasted for about two minutes per round.

Break-dancer Kendra Melanson, who goes by “Bgirl Quest” from GX Dance Studio, competed for the first time since her pregnancy.

Melanson was one of the four female competitors at the event.


She said it’s been fun representing the dance form.A “Soul Train” tribute took place in honor of Don Cornelius’s recent passing. Family and friends joined the dance floor along with the competitors and judges.
Photo by: Kian Sumalpong

The dance floor remained busy at the event — even during the intermissions. The non-stop music resulted in continuous dancing with some family, friends and judges who joined the 46 competitors on the floor.

Sandy Snguon won the break-dancing category with a $300 prize while popping winner Jonny Linton and locking winner Melinda Yeoh both received $150 each.

Snguon, shaking from the shock, said he didn’t expect to win because this is only his third year battling at One Touch. Having only reached the semi-finals in the past, he said he was glad that his hard work finally paid off.

“In Medicine Hat, we don’t have much of this scene,” Snguon spoke of his hometown’s lack of hop-hip culture. He said he’s been battling for six years and said he was grateful to make it happen at One Touch.

Produced by: Kim Wright


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