Kamber Lindenbach shares some of the knowledge gained from training and competing

thumb Prasad FitnessModel KamberIt’s that time of year again when many people fall into the habit of brushing aside their New Year’s resolutions.

For those of you who have gone to the gym on a regular basis may have noticed the increased traffic at the beginning of the year has slowly decreased.

Kamber Lindenbach, personal trainer and fitness model, has seen this trend repeat itself year after year.

“If you fall off track and slip up, don’t wait for Monday, next month, or next year. Get right back at it with the very next meal or your next workout. I guarantee you will feel better for it.

“Celebrate your successes regardless how big or small they are. If you make it to the gym on a really tough day, make sure to reward yourself in a healthy way,” says Lindenbach.

Kamber’s Story

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Lindenbach, who grew up on a farm in Golden, BC, adopted an active lifestyle from an early age. “I started figure skating when I was six years old and by time I was in my early teens I was hooked on a regular workout regime.”Kamber Lindenbach did not allow a devastating car accident prevent her from pursuing her dreams of becoming a professional fitness model.
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Over eight years ago, Lindenbach lost a friend to a long-term illness. “Living with her and experiencing her illness every day gave me a whole new appreciation for my health and physical capabilities.”

A few months after, she was involved in a serious car accident that forced her into intensive physical therapy for a year and a half.

“After a lot of frustration and very little improvement, I decided to go back to the gym and hire a personal trainer. Within six weeks of proper resistance training, coupled with a healthy diet and supplementation plan, I was feeling considerably better,” says Lindenbach.

Once she had regained her health, Lindenbach made the decision to pursue her lifelong goal of competing in fitness competitions. “Four years to the day of my car accident I won my Fitness Model Pro Card at the North American Championships in Miami.”

The outlook Lindenbach has gained from her setbacks translates into how she approaches personal training. “When I take care of my health, I am able to be a much better person for my friends, family and clients.

Keep it fun

Choose activities that you enjoy! Just because I love slinging weights around doesn’t mean you have to.


It is common for people to mistake dehydration for hunger when really their body only needs a big glass of H2O. A good habit to get into is drinking a big glass of water first thing in the morning. 


Besides being full of empty calories and sugar, people often make poor food choices when drinking. Your body will metabolize alcohol first, it is a toxin and your body wants to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Artificial sweeteners

Be aware of artificial sweeteners, they are just that, “artificial”, not natural and are increasingly found in many foods. Check labels and opt for foods that do not contain them.

“There are days when I feel like doing nothing but I think of all those people that physically can’t train due to injury or illness and it motivates me to get off my butt and train for them and for me,” says Lindenbach.

For anyone who is falling back into a comfort zone and is witnessing his or her health and fitness regimes deteriorate as the year progresses, Lindenbach offers advice.

Regaining your healthy habits

“When you start skipping workouts it is time for another layer of accountability. Sign up for a group fitness class such as a boot camp, make a date with a friend or hire a personal trainer, these tips will keep you motivated.”

Lindenbach realizes it may seem impossible to squeeze in any type of fitness routine and knows it can be tough while juggling responsibilities such as work, school, and spending time with your loved ones.

“People are intimidated by believing that they have to spend countless hours in the gym to be healthy and look good when in reality a good complete workout can be achieved in 30-45 minutes per day.”

So if adopting a healthier lifestyle is something that you may still be debating, Lindenbach reminds everyone that, “You will be able to manage stress better, have more energy, sleep better, increase productivity, look and feel better and most importantly live a longer, more meaningful life.”


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