Artifacts include a replica of Terra-Cotta soldiers

terracottahorsesthumbnailNot many people have heard of Calgary’s Chinese Artifacts Museum.

Located in the basement of the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre, the museum is in a small space but is filled with a great number of artifacts about the Chinese culture.

The museum, created in 1993, was established in order to provide a showcase where people could learn more about and explore Chinese culture without leaving Calgary.

The museum boasts a large range of artifacts including a world-renowned replica of Terra-Cotta soldiers, a collection of costumes from royalty, ceramic wares and an early form of seismograph. It also has a hall dedicated to the 150 years of Canadian-Chinese history.


Samantha Yang, the museum’s executive administrator, wrote in an email that the museum is important for everyone — not just those of Chinese background.An early form of the seismograph is on display at the Chinese Artifacts Museum.
Photo by: Erica Pollock

“The display is a bridge to connect the Chinese community to people with different ethnic backgrounds and for new generations of Chinese people to remember their culture and roots while living in Canada,” wrote Yang.

The museum’s coordinator, Vivian Morgan, agreed with Yang, and wrote in a email that, “The museum is pleased to play this ambassadorial role to introduce and share the Chinese roots, heritage, culture, values and today’s China with the general public of all other cultures and backgrounds.”

The museum has had visitors from all over the world and guests have written a myriad of compliments about the museum in the guestbook.

“Thank you. Such a magnificent display!” wrote George and Joyce Pawley from Stuart, Florida.

“A very interesting display of the Chinese history and Calgary,” wrote Lue Pever from England.

Although the museum sees thousands of visitors a year, due to budget constraints the museum is not able to promote and expand as much as it would like to, Yang said.

But, the Chinese Cultural Centre is working hard to identify and to develop a strategy to promote and market the museum, she added.

To learn more about the museum, or to book a tour, visit

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