How you and your family can work towards being more active


Set a time and round up the troops.

Drive to your nearest recreation facility, pay to get in and then spend many fun-filled hours getting active.

Easier said than done.

Amanda Cole, 35, said that as a recreation program specialist, she sees that Calgary families are faced with barriers as they try as a family to become fit.

She said Calgarians often think they need to spend money to get fit and it is hard to find time.

“The most important thing is that fitness is fun,” Cole said.

Cole, a City of Calgary employee, said that fun comes in many forms. If you don’t enjoy the gym then don’t choose to stay fit that way.

You can walk your dogs, go swimming or walk to the grocery store, she added. There is something out there for you and your family.


Although some families may find it hard to get fit together, one Calgary family has made being active a way of life.Kelly Vergie sees family activity as a chance to teach her children life skills.
Photo courtesy of: Glenn Vergie
elly Vergie, 37, said that fitness is a lifelong journey for herself, her two daughters and her husband Glenn.Although the couple now works in the fitness industry, they both said they have always felt the same about being active.

“The earlier you start, the better. It becomes a lifestyle instead of a chore,” Kelly said.

Her husband added that because he was very active growing up, it was natural that his kids were going to be active too.

The mother of two sees activity as an opportunity to teach kids life skills, to bond and to create memories.

“Oh Mom, I need some water! I need to stay hydrated. I’ve just burned up so much energy!” said the Vergie’s four-year-old daughter Jada after a hardcore stint of busily running around her mom’s workout facility

Her mother added, with a laugh, that she wasn’t shocked though. Both of her girls — Jada, 4, and Hannah, 6, — know a lot of fitness lingo, and know a lot more than their peers about staying active.


When the Vergies are at home, the living room is a dance floor and the kitchen isn’t only for cooking food.

Any area of the house can be transformed into an opportunity to get active and have fun, Kelly said.

And after all the activity, everyone is tired and gets a proper sleep, she added.

Both parents are proud when they say fitness and being active will always be a part of their family’s life.

“Make activity a priority. Not only are you working on your family relationship, but you’re also working on your health,” Kelly said.

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