This year’s event to feature ‘Man Van,’ a mobile prostate clinic for men

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The Calgary Woman’s Show will celebrate its 30th anniversary on April 14 – 15 at the BMO Centre.

This show may be for women, but features spaces for men to come along, take part and relax.

This year, show organizers will feature the Prostate Cancer Centre as its main charity. The goal is to raise awareness for both men and women about the illness. $20 haircuts will also be given away, with all proceeds going to the charity.

The Calgary Woman’s Show is held twice a year during fall and spring.

The last show drew more than 10,000 people. Director Cindy Marks said many men attended, which was where the idea to feature the Prostate Cancer Centre came from.

“It’s a male-focused charity,” Marks said. “In the past, the woman’s show has always gone with female and child-based charities.”

The centre will be bringing in the “Man Van” — a free, mobile testing clinic that will test men for the possibility of prostate cancer and double as an information booth for men to learn more.

Linda MacNaughton, director of strategic and community initiatives at the Prostate Cancer Centre, said all men have to do is give a small sample of blood, which takes about 10 minutes. The samples are analyzed, and results are mailed back within 48 hours.


The “Man Van” will conduct free testing for prostate cancer at the Calgary Woman’s Show.
Photo illustration by: Riad Kadri

“We will have information on prostate cancer, and we like to talk to women about the importance of getting their husbands tested,” MacNaughton said.

Prostate-specific antigen testing, known as PSA testing, is a method of testing for prostate cancer from blood. Though results may show positive, it doesn’t necessarily mean a man has prostate cancer, but that further medical examination is recommended.

MacNaughton said a lot of men aren’t interested in getting tested even though prostate cancer is one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers in men.

“Often if the wife is the one that knows they need to get checked, they’ll push them and encourage them to go.”

The show will also feature areas for men to sit back, relax and watch some sports as their female counterparts enjoy the show.

For the women meanwhile, some of the activities featured include a wine garden, various seminars, the latest tips on beauty and fashion, and a celebrity appearance by W. Brett Wilson of CBC’s “Dragons’ Den.”

Numa Models will be responsible for supplying all models to the show. They will be participating in its fashion show, as well holding a model search.

Lina Bracey of Numa Models says she enjoys the show and is excited to see the modelling agency participate for the first time.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of that,” Bracey said.

“I have gone to the woman’s show for years now. It’s a lot of fun and a good place to hang out. You’ll learn about new companies and have fun with friends.”

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