Local artist was named Calgary’s first poet laureate 


 Kris Demeanor is a Calgary artist embedded in many aspects of artistic expression in Calgary, such as music, spoken word and video making.

On March 19th, 2012 he was named Calgary’s first poet laureate by a group of judges. He was selected from a short list of five Calgary artists after performing at an event at Hotel Arts.

The position makes Demeanor the “official poet of Calgary,” and will perform poems at special events throughout the city, for the next two years.

Demeanor said there will likely be around six commissioned events he will perform at. He added that he is also encouraged to go out into the community and create situations that give people a chance to explore creative language.

David van Belle, a local actor and play write with Ghost River Theatre, nominated Demeanor for the position. Demeanor said he suspected van Belle sold the judges on Demeanor’s ability to connect with people who weren’t expecting to be connected with poetry.

“By hearing a piece of my work they may feel compelled by it or laugh at it, or feel touched by it or whatever. And that is something that I strive for. I think everybody wants to connect in a way that may be unexpected for someone,” Demeanor said.

An interview with Demeanor who was named Calgary’s first poet laureate.
Produced by: Lindsay Douglas

Demeanor reading one of his pieces.
Produced by: Lindsay Douglas


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