Goal-setting helps couples through grief

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Holding hands, Melissa and Jordan Pierson relive the moment they found out they were pregnant.

“We were like giddy school girls at a pajama party,” said Jordan.

The young couple both agree that they want a big family with lots of children running around.

D JolieMelissa and Jordan Pierson say that doing something you’re passionate about, like playing the piano, can help you through the grief of miscarriage.

Photo by: Devon Jolie

 However, those dreams are still unfulfilled. The Piersons have suffered through three miscarriages.

Studies suggest that 10 to 25 per cent of pregnancies end in miscarriage. But whatever the numbers, the grief that comes with losing a baby is painful.

Michelle Post, infertility support group leader, said, “The loss of a planned baby only comes second to the loss of a child.”

Post has also lost an unborn child. She said she doesn’t believe you can ever get over this loss, but she said goal-setting can help those affected by miscarriage find joy again in in life.


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